Incinerators and other wastes

Using the right technology and specially baked local bricks, we build and install customisable incinerators for hospitals, mining companies (mines) and district/municipal/metropolitan assemblies amongst others. We have already installed a number of commercial-type incinerators in various parts of the country and have demonstration plants where all interested entities could verify operations of our incinerators. We just don’t build the incinerators but provide training for operators and technical knowledge transfer for maintaining these facilities.

Incinerators typically reduce the weight of the waste by upto 85% and their volume by upto 95% depending on the composition of the original waste. At our Zero waste Community Centres, biodegradable wastes are treated separately and all recyclable waste first recovered for some form of recycling or re-use. The waste component that are suitable for thermal treatment are then incinerated and the ash (from material that has gone through constant heating at 1000oC for long period of time) sometimes used with other material to produce compost for agricultural purposes.

Our incinerators are environment-friendly and are not just burning furnaces but fully airtight facilities with pollution mitigation equipment such as flue gas cleaning systems. Flue gases are cleaned of gaseous and particulate pollutants before being released into the environment.

For those who just want the services of a thermal treatment facility and not necessarily own one, we provide incineration services for hazardous waste streams ( eg. clinical wastes, chemical multi-product plants with diverse toxic or very toxic wastewater streams cannot be treated in regular wastewater plants, etc..) where huge benefits accrue from burning and destroying pathogens and toxins at very high temperatures.

Each incinerator is purpose-built to suit particular requirements and typical sizes are units that could accommodate solid waste (domestic, hazardous and hospital, etc) of 50kg (and above) per session of incineration at a heating capacity of about 1000 degree Celsius