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As an entity or individual, you have the option to choose what suits you best based on cost, type of system, adaptability, etc….. You make your choice, we provide you with the solution/product. We provide both foreign Mobile Toilets units and Locally Made Mobile Toilets units. We provide a wide range of solutions to accommodate all choices in the waste management sector.

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Creating Zero Waste Communities through Innovation

Through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements, JOSAFE Waste Solutions Ltd. brings innovative tools to Companies or Corporations, whole communities, District, Municipal or Metropolitan Assemblies, etc to manage the totality of their waste. We encourage our partners to see waste as serious business as it is surely the new oil and like the saying goes: WHERE THERE’S MUCK, THERE’S BRASS.

We Create the Future – we shape your community
For the first time in Ghana, we bring to companies, towns and local assemblies, the possibility of creating Zero Waste Communities. At model and demonstration communities, household wastes are segregated and items separated for recovery, re-use or recycle. Biodegradable feedstock from food and human waste are processed to extract usable biogas and the digestate used to make compost for agricultural purposes. Very little waste, if any at all, is left for landfill, etc. JOSAFE Waste Solutions facilitate bringing to the market a set of Ghana-made tools for dealing with all kinds of wastes including those that are hazardous. We offer private entities, collaborating waste management companies or assemblies (and activities) producing all manner of wastes end-to-end solutions.